Ambassadors TAAI foundation

TAAI foundation would be nowhere without its ambassadors. These highly motivated people commit to the foundation with heart and soul, and try to draw attention to CF and the foundation as much as possible. Each in his/her own way, but with as much passion as anyone else.

Corporate social responsibility has never been so important as now, it has become a permanent part of business strategy. It is possible to become a business partner of TAAI foundation. Take a look at the page about corporate donations.

Do not hesitate to ask us about the possibilities, please send an email to

Marieke Andreoli

Femke van Bentveld

Arthur Buijs

Kim Cune

Job Goedegebuur

Leen Graute

Lars Grip

Jos Leijen

Lonneke Martens

Julius Middel

Marcel den Ouden

Michael Pilarczyk

Gido van Praag

Henk de Ruiter

Mirjam van der Schild

Patricia Tang

Herman Tange

Rienke Verheul

Frank Vijg

Rober Willemsen

Patricia Zegwaard

Sander Zuijdam