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A lot of research is being done on CF, a lot of achievements have already been booked. Way more money is needed to keep going and book even more progress. Taai foundation is committed with heart and soul to find a cure for CF by making financial contributions by ground breaking research. Together with several doctors and scientists, the foundation raises money to finance research through donor recruiting activities. Sign up as friend of the foundation! This is possible for businesses as well as private individuals, and help finding a cure for CF.

This is wat we stand for

TAAI foundation

To foster and support scientific research to a better treatment and eventually a cure for CF.

Onze missie

This is wat we stand for

Our mission

To foster and support scientific research to a better treatment and eventually a cure for CF.

Why TAAI foundation

We are going to make the difference.

We are going to make the difference.
CF is one of the most common hereditary diseases in the Netherlands and is not yet curable. About 1500 people in the Netherlands have CF. Yearly about 25 people children are born with the disease. According to the statistics only half of all patients reach the age of 40-45. These numbers are unacceptable. It is estimated that 1 in every 30 Dutch is carrier of an error in the CF gene. Life expectancy has risen sharply, but is still way to low.

There are about 2000 different mutations to CF, divided in 5 different classes. Which means that the mutations per class have the same properties and all have a different error in the gene. That is why not every CF can have the same medication, the currently available medication is not suited for all CF patients. Great progress is made, but we are not there yet. So, we have to keep going. Which is only possible when more and better research is done, and that costs money.

The idea arose to start a foundation to be able to contribute to scientific research so CF does not have to be incurable anymore. The desire to contribute something fundamental rose, and thus TAAI foundation was born.

Stichting TAAI heeft als doel wetenschappelijk onderzoek te stimuleren naar de ongeneeslijke ziekte Cystic Fibrosis (CF, Taaislijmziekte) door middel van financiƫle bijdragen. Er is al veel baanbrekend onderzoek gedaan met prachtige resultaten, maar nog niet genoeg!

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